Why Is Everyone Moving To Austin?

First, Austin has ideal weather almost year round!  When COVID first hit and we all spent time outdoors to see each other, we really recognized how lucky we are to have the weather we have.  The winters are refreshing in which most days a sweater is enough to keep you warm.  While we have about three really hot months, a AC break here and there makes them absolutely doable.   

Nature is easy to access.  And, not just on the perimeters of Austin.  Central Austin’s foundation is our 10 mile trail around Lady Bird Lake, and the bridges over the lake allow the trail to be cut into 3, 5, and 7 mile loops giving more options than only the 10 mile loop.  The Shoal Creek Trail runs from DT to north central Austin.  I could go on and on, but ultimately, the easy access to nature keeps Austinites healthy and enjoying all types of exercise.  Barton Springs constant year round temperature is a treat for swimmers and to keep cool during the summer. 

Delicious dining options abound.  Austin used to only be known for TexMex and tacos, which we still boast some of the best.  But, now our restaurants and chefs make nationwide Best Restaurants lists. 

Live music every night of the week, and not just in one location.  The options are endless. 

Austin is laid back and friendly.  Part of it comes from the general friendliness our state offers, but Austin takes it to a higher level.  The ecletic trait of Austin boosts the laid back feel. 

Almost everyone has a pet! Austin is an animal lover’s city, and Austin Pets Alive put us on the map for animals by working hard to make Austin a no kill city. 

I could continue all day, but ultimately, Austin offers something for everyone! 

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