Lorelai Wilson

Listing Coordinator

About Lorelai Wilson

Meet Lorelai Wilson – a Seattle native who came to Austin six years ago in pursuit of new career horizons and an enriching education. This journey led her to St. Edward’s University where she graduated Magna Cum Laude in Behavioral Neuroscience and is currently attending the University of Texas’ McCombs School of Business, for a certification in Data Science and Business Analytics.

Since planting her roots in Austin, Lorelai created a thriving, thoughtfully curated massage therapy practice tailored to the local community’s diverse needs. This endeavor has sustained her unwavering commitment to nurturing human connections and propelling individuals towards their aspirations for the past six years and she is excited to now apply that same passion towards her work at Luisa Mauro Real Estate. At the heart of Lorelai’s work is a profound intrigue with the interplay between scientific exploration and cutting-edge tools. This intrigue propels her dedication to engineering success-oriented outcomes, seamlessly weaving together the intricate strands of data analysis and human psychology.

She is passionate for fostering human connections and cultivating success for those around her. Spanning her journey from Seattle to Austin, from St. Edward’s to UT’s McCombs School of Business, each step has been embraced as an opportunity to fuse knowledge and weave narratives of accomplishment. When she isn’t translating data into actionable insights or fostering meaningful connections for her clients, she can be found curled up around a good book or enjoying one of her many hobbies which often include cooking, painting, or kickboxing.

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