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Reasons Property May Not Be Selling

Here are the top three reasons your home may not be selling and what to do about...
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What to know about selling when going through a divorce

This video shares three essential things to know when selling your house during a...
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3 Tips: How to Increase the Value of Your Home

Here are our three tips how to increase the value of your home: To start, it’s...
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How 2-1 Buydowns Make Buying a Home More Affordable

As we begin 2024 it’s an even better time to buy as interest rates have decreased...
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What Are We Anticipating for the Real Estate Market?

As we enter a new year, many of our clients and friends are asking what we are...
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Top 3 Things Home Inspectors Look For

This video covers the top 3 things home inspectors look for, and before you sell your...
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3 Costly Errors to Avoid When Preparing Your Home for Sale

Three things not to spend much money on or fix when preparing your house for...
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Turning Your Home Into a Rental

How can you maximize the value of your primary residence? You can always sell it, but...
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