3 Costly Errors to Avoid When Preparing Your Home for Sale

Three things not to spend much money on or fix when preparing your house for sale. 

The first is to not invest heavily in a complete beautification of your yard.  While a tasteful landscaping project does increase curb appeal, it does not increase the sales price of your house.  Instead of overspending on a landscaping project, ensure the yard is cleaned and maintained before photographing your property and during the time the house is on the market.  Mowing, edging and collecting leaves is important.  Remove any dead bushes or plants.  The beds these plants were in do not need to have new bushes or flowers planted.  Instead, showcase the opportunities of these beds by laying down a fresh layer of dark brown mulch.    

Second, if you notice small cracks in your driveway or walkway it very often is not an issue.  The concrete pours made for driveways and walkways are different than the pours made for foundations, and small cracking does not typically indicate that there is a problem.   

And, third, even if your windows are old, if they are working as intended, they do not need to be replaced.  Installing new windows does not increase the sales price of a house.  There is the occasional buyer that is adamant their next house has new windows, but more often than not, the age of the windows does not impact a sale.   

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