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Is Moving To Austin Worth It?

Since I was 9 years old I spent a significant amount of time in Austin as my parents had a business here.  Austin was wildly different than it is today, and I’ve loved it no matter which phase of growth it’s been in.  Austin has doubled in size about every 20 years since it was founded, and when I decided to live full time in Austin as a student at UT in the 90s, I knew after graduation I...

Where in Austin Should I Move?

This is one of my very favorite questions clients ask!  So much of my answer depends on budget and lifestyle, but here is my personal list!  Walkability is my #1 wish when looking for a home and very short commutes to all I like to do.  This puts Clarkesville at the top of my list.  It’s on the immediate west edge of downtown, and it’s an easy walk to all DT offers, Lady...

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