Top 3 Things Home Inspectors Look For

This video covers the top 3 things home inspectors look for, and before you sell your property, we recommend you fix them!

The first is to have the HVAC serviced and maintained; as a property owner this really should be scheduled twice a year, in the fall and in the spring. If you’re selling in the winter and had the system serviced in the fall, providing the receipt from the HVAC company is perfect, and you do not need to schedule another service that quickly.

Second, if you notice cracking in your walls or in the floors, there could possibly be some foundation shifting. There are areas in Austin where there is more clay in the soil, and some small amount of settling and movement is typical. To be safe though, it’s a good idea to have a foundation company evaluate any possible movement.

And, third, if you are aware of any leaks, whether it’s from the roof or from plumbing, address the leak and any damage that may have been caused from it. If you’ve had a previous leak that was repaired, disclose it on the seller disclosure by including when the repair was conducted, what work was done and include receipts you have from any contractors that handled the repair.

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