Why You Should Never Buy a Home Without a Realtor

If you decide to buy a home without an agent, you’re subjugating yourself to a whole host of disadvantages.

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What are the disadvantages of buying a home without a Realtor? Today we’ll answer that question by explaining what a great Realtor can do for you during a home purchase.

Anything can happen during a real estate transaction. You’re dealing with real estate and you’re dealing with people, so there are a lot of emotions involved and many things can happen. A great Realtor will make sure you have a much smoother road to closing.

First, they can take the home search parameters you have and your preferences for the property you want and describe the best areas in town you should look to buy in.

Second, they can make sure you stay in a strong negotiating position from the time you submit your offer to the time of closing. Sellers can lose motivation during a transaction, and when this happens, they become less negotiable.

A great agent can also make sure you have a strong team on your side. The first thing you’ll do after you’re under contract is order an inspection for your future home, and your Realtor can recommend a great inspector to see if there’s anything that needs to be repaired either prior to closing or after closing.

A great agent will make your home purchase as smooth as possible.


No matter how new the house is, you’ll likely want to make some repairs or updates to it, and a great agent can recommend great contractors you can work with who will help you get estimates prior to closing and during your negotiation with the seller to make sure you feel comfortable with the financing moving forward.

In Texas, there are certain non-realty items that should convey and stay with the property after closing. A great agent will make sure you don’t have any surprises when you walk through the house after closing and any items weren’t taken from the house that should’ve stayed.

Your agent will also connect you with the title company who will run a search on your house to make sure there aren’t any existing liens or owners for the property you’re not aware of. When you close on the property, you’ll have a clear title moving forward.

Lastly, a great agent will make sure your entire team is representing your best interests so that you close on time. Not closing on time can be a hectic mess. If you’ve got your moving date scheduled and all of the utilities transferred over to your name for your new home and you can’t close on time, all of that needs to be rescheduled. When you don’t close on time, you also run the risk of losing your earnest money, which is typically 1% of the sales price. This is because the seller might not agree to extend the closing date if you don’t make the closing date outlined in the contract.

If you have any other questions about what a great Realtor can do for you when buying a home or you have any other real estate needs, don’t hesitate to give me a call. I’d love to speak with you.

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