Making Your Move as Smooth as Possible

Here are five steps to make your move as smooth as possible.

Today I’ll talk about a few tips that will make your move as smooth as possible:

1. Plan your move in advance. Start planning your move about three weeks prior to the move date.

2. Interview multiple moving companies. This is very important if you’re moving across the country because companies’ rates will differ. The last time I moved, I made the process easy by hiring movers to come in a day early, pack all of my things, and come the next day to everything. Keep in mind that movers often will not move alcohol or plants even if they’re potted.

You should leave your house in the condition that you hope your next place will be in.

3. Turn off utilities after closing. As a courtesy to the buyer, you could wait a few days so that they’re not surprised and don’t have utilities. Just make sure you remember to eventually turn off the electricity, gas, cable, and phone.

4. Clean the house. Although the contract does not typically state that you need to have the house cleaned when you move, we recommend that you do it to truly make the house shine. You should leave your home in the condition that you hope your next place will be in. When you’re removing items from the wall, remember to caulk the holes and paint the walls if you can.

5. Change your address. Contact the US Postal Service to switch your address because you will be receiving a lot of essential documents after closing.

It’s more important than ever to work with an experienced agent to guide you through this chaotic time. If you have any questions, visit our website and don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email. We look forward to hearing from you.

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