Should you do home upgrades now… or right before you sell?

Home sellers are often told to make upgrades to their house before they sell … but when is the best time to get those home improvements underway, in terms of scoring the best ROI? Here are a few recommendations on what that timeline should look like.

7 to 10 years out: If you’re the type of person to plan ahead, now would be a good time to redo your landscaping, update the garage door, replace your roof, and stay up-to-date on repairs.

5 years out: This is a good time to start thinking about big-ticket items that will affect your resale and that you won’t want to pay for all at once, like your HVAC system, your front door, or anything with a warranty.

2 years out: Two years is nothing in a home’s history, so it’s time to really start getting serious.  Now would be the time to renovate the kitchen or bathroom, clean out storage areas, and have a home inspection so you don’t run into any nasty surprises.

One year or less: It’s crunch time, and now is the time to attend to all the high-traffic areas, as well as make improvements that will freshen up your listing. Think about redoing the floors, repainting the interior and replacing accessory items.

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