Things to Keep in Mind as a New Construction Buyer

Here’s what new construction buyers in Austin should know.

When you’re working with a great agent, they’ll sit down and explain the pros and cons of a newly built or resale home, as there’s plenty to be said about each. 

In Austin, many of the new construction communities are further outside of the city, so you’ll first want to get a better grasp of what the traffic patterns will look like if, for example, you’re commuting downtown. What will your commute be if you buy in an older community that may be closer to where you work or spend most of your time? 

It’s also important to know what comes standard and what’s considered an add-on. Many builders will market a price that doesn’t include many upgrades, leading you to think that you’ll get all the bells and whistles for that low advertised price. 

Buyers will often ask us, “Do we really need to get a home inspection? After all, it’s brand-new, right?” It’s still a good idea to have one done because there are many different items—most of them being on the smaller-ticket side—that a builder could miss. If you hand off the inspection report to the builder, they will typically fix most items on it. 

Many builders will market a price that doesn’t include many upgrades.

New construction homes come with many different warranties; understanding what’s covered under each of them and when they expire is important. 

Lastly, at the time you go under contract on a new construction property, your future home will still be a pile of dirt. Down the line, however, when the property is finished and it’s time to close, many buyers will expect to close with the interest rates they heard about when they first went under contract. However, that’s not the case, so please be aware that rates are always subject to change. 

Reach out via phone or email if you have further questions regarding new construction homes or anything else related to real estate. I’d love to assist you, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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