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Spring 2023 Virtual Home Seller Webinar

I'm hosting a live webinar to share where I believe the market is headed and the top five biggest blunders sellers make.
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How a Seller Prepares for a Property Appraisal

How to prepare for a property appraisal as a seller.
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The Best Suburbs of Austin

Spotlight on my favorite three suburbs of Austin.
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Quick Tips to Prepare Your House for Sale

Three tips to help you prepared your house for sale.
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Upgrades That Improve the Value of Your House

Home upgrades that will fetch you a high return on your investment.
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Mortgage Hacks for Homeowners

Here are five mortgage hacks to pay off your mortgage early and save hundreds of thousands of dollars.
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Buying a Home as a Business Owner

How to purchase a home as a business owner.
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Process When Buying First Home

Here are the initial steps when buying your first home.
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